Comprehensive Test Preparation Platform for High School Students and Graduates

An all-in-one exam preparation system that enables user-specific training programs to help high school students and graduates perform at their best.
The client is an international provider of innovative EdTech solutions that enhance educational services and increase training opportunities.
The client needed to upgrade the learning management system they used to help final-year high-school students and graduates efficiently prepare for their finals and university entrance exams respectively.
An advanced exam preparation platform that creates user-centric learning experiences, based on 360-degree student skill assessment. Bespoke training programs, psychometric simulation, gamified training and lots of video content foster student success.
Main Functional Modules
  • Overall assessment of students’ training levels, based on psychometric simulation and powerful built-in analytics
  • All-in-one database of student results
  • User-friendly management of training content for tutors
  • Advanced gaming functionality for more efficient training
  • Quiz module that enables testing under near-real-life conditions
  • Personal-trainer functionality that creates custom training programs and assigns learning materials and tests
  • Well-defined system structure
  • Extensive database of educational materials for all subjects
  • A variety of automatically controlled user roles
  • Browser-agnostic performance and device independence
Our team modernized an outdated exam preparation system and extended its functionality, enabling efficient student training and testing, easy content management and high accessibility and performance of the system.
Front-end: React, TypeScript, HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Material-UI, Redux, SockJS + STOMP, Lodash, MathJax, SVG, Ant Design, Axios, ESLint, Prettier, Webpack
Front-end Admin: Angular, TypeScript, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, RxJS, Chart.js, Nebular, Webpack
Back-end: Java, Spring Framework (Boot, Security, Boot Admin, Email, Batch, Actuator), JPA, Hibernate, Lombok, OAuth, Elasticsearch, Apache POI, iText, PostgreSQL, Flyway, WebSocket, Swagger, TestNG, Amazon (EC2, S3, RDS), Gradle

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