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Mainsoft brings automated HR solutions to help organizations
source, attract, and nurture top talent with ease
From candidate search to employee performance tracking, we design and develop complete HR and recruiting solutions that add speed and value to every stage of your recruitment process. Attract your dream candidates, turn them into your company’s Most Valuable Players, and keep them engaged with a data-driven approach.

HR Software: Where Tech Meets Wholesome Talent

At Mainsoft, we add a human touch to technology to reduce time-to-fill and maximize your hiring outcomes

Our recruiting solutions standardize and facilitate all aspects of HR-related processes, allowing you to shift the focus to what matters the most — strengthening bonds with your current and future teams:
Job postings
Save time and reduce effort by automating posts on multiple job sites simultaneously.
Interview management
Arrange interviews with a few clicks, without fretting about overlapping meetings or different time zones.
Candidate sourcing
Get your job description to the right people across a variety of channels to reach more skilled candidates.
Collaborative recruiting
Involve your teams in recruitment, and acquire, engage, and hire talent faster than ever.
Resume management
Allow people to share resumes easily; keep them all in one place and immediately find the ones you need.
Applicant tracking
Track every stage of the hiring process, get detailed info about each candidate, and never lose sight of their skills and abilities.
Analytics and reporting
Boost your hiring pipeline with data intelligence that will give you an extra level of recruitment insight.
Workforce management
Align your workforce productivity with cost and performance objectives. Keep track of every employee with interactive dashboards.
Recruitment automation
Build an automated HR flow and replicate it to reduce the recruitment cycle and engage top talent sooner.
Payroll and benefits
Cut the time spent on managing payroll, pensions, benefits, and social security accounts. Reduce profit leaks and increase trust and transparency.
Corporate training
Bring all employees to a higher level by organizing and expediting their development with centralized learning management capabilities.
Performance management
Empower your staff to reach their full potential. Identify processes that need improvement, and find the best way to reach efficiency goals.

HR Solutions for Every Business

Are manual HR tasks slowing you down?
Build your own solution and eliminate
Is something missing from your HR app?
Upgrade your software to tap a new
level of productivity

We Bring Efficiency to Each Step of the HR Funnel

At Mainsoft, we make the most of our software development skills, advanced technology, and HR application standards to optimize every stage of the recruitment process.
Our web and mobile recruiting solutions unify the candidate lifecycle for a superior, consistent candidate experience. The consolidated sourcing capabilities help you attract and engage the best candidates matching the job through a variety of channels, including job boards, your website, and social media. All within a few keystrokes.
We enhance our solutions with sturdy automation features to let you focus on tasks that have the biggest impact on hiring success. From applicant tracking through candidate outreach to employee communication, we automate humdrum recruitment tasks to free up your time and keep the candidate pipeline flowing more smoothly.
Once you have found the best people to power your team, embrace HR software for longer employee retention. We enrich our solutions with automated workflows, data-driven reporting, and rich data visualization to support you at every step of the HR process and build a winning employee-retention plan.

Featured Project

Explore our portfolio of HR & recruitment software development projects we have realized so far:

Recruiting Software That Checks All the Boxes

Data security
We take every measure to ensure that the highest security standards are maintained.

Our digital HR solutions use an entire spectrum of security features, such as user authentication and authorization and data encryption to protect sensitive personal data and keep you compliant.
Technical support
Software development can be extremely complex, but we take care of it so that you don’t need to.

We meticulously design our software applications to be user-friendly and highly intuitive. However, if you run into any trouble while using our HR or recruiting solution, we are always there to support you and your teams.
Reliability and performance
To facilitate your work and ensure resilience, we bring together only tried-and-tested technologies.

Our team will regularly implement new upgrades and features based on your requests, continually improving your experience with our software, and empowering you to derive more value from it.
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