Sports App Development

Digital adopters score better
Serving seasoned sports organizations, disruptive startups and every business model in between, we bolster today’s sports industry through innovation. We are technology insiders who understand the drivers behind digital transformation, and are ready to deliver successful digital transitions to the sports sector too.

Why Bet on Sports Technology

Technology has revamped the traditional live sports industry in many ways. Mainsoft’s team provides the expertise to help you go through this digital transformation successfully and unlock the following benefits:
Better in-stadium experience
Higher player safety with injury prevention
More efficient playing and training
Data-informed coaching
Improved physical security for fans
Optimized venue traffic management
New channels for fan engagement
New revenue streams with original content distribution

We Target All Major Roles in Your Industry

We bring in engineering prowess, creativity and first-hand experience of the industry to deliver our custom software development excellence to a variety of clients and audiences.
Stadium owners
Club and team
Sports broadcasters
and media
Event organizers

Our Custom Sports Apps: From Couch to Stadium

We build custom solutions that interconnect managers, players, viewership and facilities, and bring new efficiencies to old practices. For this, we draw on our proven skills in web, mobile and IoT development as well as UX/UI design, data analytics and system integration.
  • Sports Management Software
  • League management systems
  • Club and team management tools
  • Facility management systems
  • Team portals
  • Sports analysis software
  • Mobile administration apps
  • Stadiums And Live Events
  • Mobile ticketing and checkouts
  • In-stadium entertainment apps
  • Surveillance software
  • Interactive venue mapping
  • In-stadium metrics tracking
  • Digital Content
  • Live sports streaming
  • Over-the-top content
  • Web content management systems
  • Multimedia content distribution platforms
  • User-generated content processing
  • Content personalization
  • Big data management
  • Internet Of Things
  • Smart stadium software
  • Sports training software for embedded devices
  • Sensor-based tracker apps for athletes
  • Parking management for sports venues
  • IoT data analytics
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of technology enablers.
Boosting Your Fan Engagement in New Ways
Your relations with fans should last beyond the game, that’s why we offer a selection of digital tools to connect to your audience better. You can now engage them both when they are in-arena and in the comfort of their homes — while we help you create unrivaled digital experiences across platforms.
Smart TV
Second-screen apps
Club portals and mobile apps
Gamification apps
Branded stadium apps
Social networking
Mobile betting and game prediction
Sports media publishing
Loyalty rewards managment

How We Deliver Value with Our Sports Apps

Cross-domain expertise
We are well-positioned to offer you our specialties in mobile-first solutions, video streaming and digital experience, which we have honed in our practice across the related verticals of Media & Entertainment, Travel & Hospitality and E-commerce.
Advanced technological awareness
We have access to a refined set of professional tools for expert-level business analysis, research and prototyping. This way, you get to think only about your high-level vision while we craft it into a tangible product.
End-user thinking
Profound understanding of your target audience’s mentality is at the core of our product strategy and vision in each particular project, be it internal or customer-facing solutions.
Partners, not just contractors
We believe it’s impossible to deliver adequate software without deep, proactive cooperation with you at all levels, from rounding up the requirements to releasing the product to the market.

We Are Trusted

Take a look at our track record of sports app development projects delivered over the years.
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