Financial Software Development

Mainsoft develops enterprise-grade fintech solutions
that help you adapt to the ever-changing reality of
financial markets.
With the evolving customer demands and the strengthening position of challenger banks, the financial sector has now reached an inflection point. The continuous disruption is testing the traditional patterns of banking and finance, creating opportunities for new players, and making digital transformation essential for incumbent organizations

Fintech Solutions from A to Z

We keep tabs on the most progressive technologies to drive your business transformation with a complete suite of digital finance and banking solutions.

Through years of collaboration with financial organizations, we have accumulated a rich portfolio of fintech solutions that cater to the fullest range of applications and requirements.
Banking software
Build a comprehensive, scalable platform that encapsulates all your banking needs and delivers a consistent, personalized customer experience across all channels.
  • Core banking software
  • Banking CRM
  • Internet and mobile banking
  • Credit and loan management
Trading platforms
Leverage automation and advanced data analytics to gain recommendations on trading trends and strategies that power profitable transactions.
  • Interactive charts
  • AI-based trends analytics
  • Programmatic trading
  • Trading alerts
Investment portfolio management
Identify the most viable investment opportunities and maximize your profit with data-driven asset allocation and predictive analytics.
  • Real-time data processing
  • Portfolio optimization
  • Collaboration features
  • Customizable client portals
Billing and payment apps
Eliminate paper waste, increase user convenience, and enhance your returns with a fully automated cycle of payment and billing workflows.
  • End-to-end invoicing
  • Secure digital payments
  • Expense and time tracker
  • Email and analytics integration
Financial analytics
Take advantage of the breadth of financial data at your disposal. Mitigate risks and unlock instant decision-making with actionable, AI-driven insights.
  • A granular view of revenue streams
  • Data-based forecasting and planning
  • Interactive data visualization
  • Collaborative analytics
Blockchain applications
Add an impervious layer of security and protection to your financial and banking solutions with decentralized ledger technology enhanced by smart contracts.
  • Payment gateways and POS tools
  • Digital identity systems
  • Blockchain-based digital wallets
  • Crypto lending solutions
Do you need a hand with digitizing your banking or financial services?

Solving Industry Problems Through Tech

With the help of blockchain, big data, and AI, our financial software developers build fintech systems that ease the burden of compliance and meet the increased pressures of customer acquisition and revenue growth.

Our tailored solutions unlock operational efficiencies both in back-end and consumer-facing activities, providing you with the highest yield on the investment in innovation.
  • Comply with regulatory requirements
  • Ensure a safe and secure banking experience
  • Mitigate operational risks
  • Automate complex banking transactions
  • Improve accuracy in decision-making
  • Analyze investment risk in real time

Our Custom Financial Software Development Services

We provide custom software solutions and services to financial organizations, including banks, insurance companies, credit unions, and other companies operating in this highly dynamic and regulated industry.
Fintech software
We design and create custom financial software and upgrade already deployed solutions and their components to sharpen your fintech strategy.
Fintech software
We deploy flexible architectures and third-party APIs to smoothly integrate and synchronize your solutions with other banking systems and services.
Fintech mobile app
We digitize financial operations by delivering standards-based, mobile-first solutions that create the level of engagement unattainable through other channels.

Organizations We Serve

  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Credit unions
  • Investment firms
  • Funds and trusts
  • Brokerage firms

Featured Project

Explore our portfolio of banking and financial software development projects we have realized so far:

We Develop Financial Solutions That
Keep Pace with Your Business

Our team uses over 10 years of experience in financial software development to craft value-driven financial software solutions that meet your standards and get ahead of regulatory changes.
  • Fintech regulatory compliance
  • Artificial intelligence solutions
  • Data-driven decision-making
  • In-built information security
  • Code changes traceability
  • Automated transaction processing
  • Speed and agility
  • Data interoperability
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