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Designed by Facebook, React is the dominant JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It combines scalability, reusability, and flexibility to build highly interactive web applications as fast as your business requirements unfold.

React Development: Your Shortcut to Business Advantage

At Mainsoft, we use React as one of our primary technologies for front-end development. As early adopters, we know how to get the most out of declarative programming, reusable components, and the virtual DOM to build web applications that are fast, agile, and reliable.

By choosing our expert React development team, you can be confident that every single line of code translates into business impact.
React web app development
We use React to develop custom web applications for startups and enterprise customers from scratch.
React MVP
We take advantage of React to quickly build MVPs that showcase your app’s potential and validate your business concept. Later, we can evolve them into fully-fledged apps if required.
Front-end migration
to React
React has taken front-end development by storm. If you would like to reap its benefits but you already have a web app running on a different JS platform, we will help you migrate fast and efficiently.
Ongoing support
Our React developers provide comprehensive support and maintenance services if you need to upgrade your React product or enhance it to deliver even more value for your business.

The Impact of React

Facebook, Netflix, Instagram, Uber, Lyft, Asana, Yahoo. The world’s most renowned brands are leveraging the adaptability of React to deliver exceptional value to their users.

Now you can join this line-up of stellar products. Here are just a fraction of the digital solutions we can help you build with React:
  • SaaS platforms
  • Multimedia sites
  • Streaming apps
  • Social networks
  • Sharing economy sites
  • Email clients
What app do you need to build?
React lets you develop any consumer-facing digital product that takes your business where you want to go. If you’re not sure how to embark on that journey, we will help you!

Business-Forward Mindset by Design

React stands out in the digital world because it was created to solve a specific business care. Efficiency is embedded in its architecture. This is how it can benefit your business, too:
Fast development — Lower costs
Developing with React is like playing with LEGO bricks. Small, reusable components come neatly together in various combinations for a clear and transparent structure. This powerful composition model simplifies development, reducing the total cost of the project.
Scalability — Future-proof web apps
Thanks to its inherent features such as modular design, virtual DOM, and JSX, React can scale at warp speed. It also offers a vast open-sourced community-driven library of components, making it extra simple to add new features as your needs evolve.
Rich user experience — Higher profits
React was made to build responsive and robust UIs. Its component-based architecture and the multitude of UI libraries make it a perfect choice for creating highly interactive, snazzy user interfaces.
Cross-platform support - Uniform experience
React.js can be used to design and deliver JavaScript interfaces with a native look and feel to different platforms, allowing you to create responsive user experiences not only on the web but also on mobile.

What Can We Do with React? Take a Look!

Why Go with Mainsoft?

At Mainsoft, we offer insight, tech skills, and experience to develop enterprise-grade React apps and consumer-facing web projects that provide a flawless user journey. Whether you need to increase sales, boost your presence, streamline workflows, or improve team engagement, we are the right team to build the application that will allow you to reach these goals.
  • React is our core skill React is one of our chief front-end tools for building high-impact, elegant web applications. Through multiple customer engagements, we have developed mastery at realizing strategic business objectives with custom React web development.
  • We merge creative with pragmatic Over the years of implementing React projects, our software engineers have reached perfection in combining irresistible design with a focus on scalability, security, stability, performance, and reduction of technical debt.
  • We offer a full range of services React web development is not just about programming. We can implement your business vision end-to-end by ensuring the comprehensive support of well-versed UX/UI designers and architects, QA experts, and project managers.
  • By agile we mean efficient For many React development companies, agile is nothing but a buzzword. For us, it’s a mode of operations that is vital for maintaining transparency, ensuring the high quality of work, and providing you with increased control over your digital product.
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