Angular Web Development

Embrace business resilience with robust enterprise
-grade web apps that are built to last
Mainsoft uses Angular to build enterprise systems and B2B single-page applications that power formidable user interactions. With this tried-and-tested framework, we can sizeably cut the time needed to develop high-quality web solutions for your business, so that you may reap the benefits faster.

A Holistic Web Development Experience

Devised and endorsed by Google, Angular is an open-source framework for interactive front-end development. Businesses of all sizes harness its unrivaled efficiency to quickly build made-to-measure web solutions that get their key challenges solved.
Enterprise applications
Angular is among the most popular frameworks for building large-scale, elaborate ERP systems, CRMs, payment processing platforms, CMSs, and other revenue-generating business applications.
Single-page applications
Single-page apps power the dynamics of rich web user interactions. They do away with page reloads, reducing wait times, and decreasing user frustration. Angular makes that possible.
Progressive web apps
Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) run through the web but have the look and feel of a native app. Angular PWAs offer a cost-friendly solution to interact with your users without making them perform any downloads.

Take Full Advantage of Angular Web Development

Angular combines ingenious design with business logic to serve any organization. It lays the ground for scalable applications that are quick to build and easy to maintain thanks to the following characteristics:
  • Component-based
  • Google support
  • Platform-agnostic
  • Two-way data binding
  • TypeScript language
  • Large community
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Our Angular developers offer a complete skill set to build your next web or mobile application.

Discover How You Can Benefit from These Unique Angular Features

Slash development cost
By fusing out-of-the-box features with MVC design, Angular lets developers jump right into building your business app, without wasting any time. The preconfigured environment not only propels the development phase but also facilitates testing. All of that leads to streamlined implementation and cuts time, to let you enjoy the outcomes faster.
Grow your app as you go
The diverse Angular capabilities, such as Angular CLI, template syntax, or the use of TypeScript, simplify code and lead to high levels of consistency. This allows Angular web development specialists to build a fully scalable, elegant architecture that can be easily maintained for robust performance and extended to support new features.
Write once, run everywhere
The combined power of Angular and Native Script framework opens the way for platform-agnostic development. By relying on the same skillset, you may bring your solution to web and mobile alike, on any device and platform. The cross-platform capabilities of Angular speed up the delivery of your app to all users you are aiming to reach, driving significant cost-savings.

Here’s What We Can Do with Angular

See specific examples of our work to learn how companies like yours use Angular web development to fulfill their varied business objectives.

Why Choose Us as Your Angular Development Company?

  • Solid Angular expertise
    Angular is the mainstream technology that we leverage to deliver cross-platform business applications to our clients. Our Angular developers have followed every update in subsequent versions, gaining the essential skills and experience to develop custom Angular apps that address diverse business needs.
  • Transparent collaboration model
    Our portfolio spans across multiple industries, companies, and locations. In all our projects, we stress the importance of transparent communication with the client, which allows us to adhere to the established deadlines while providing work that’s consistent with customer expectations.
  • Scalable business solutions
    As a business-minded organization, we tailor our approach to match the individual requirements of our clients but also develop with scalability in mind. This way, we can leave room for crucial expansion, with the growing needs of your company to support new use cases.
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