All-in-One Platform for Professional Development and Recruitment

A one-of-a-kind EdTech system. Career choice, professional development, tutoring and recruitment for job-seeking students, academics and employers — all on a single platform.
An education network that brings together 70,000+ students across the globe and provides academic programs and training courses to streamline learning and improve the quality of education.
The client needed a comprehensive platform to streamline career support, professional development and recruitment for job-seeking students, academics and employers.
An efficient combination of a communication platform and a marketplace, this system streamlines interaction between students and academics. Students select the tutors they need, while academics create and monetize their teaching programs.
Main Functional Modules
  • Comprehensive lists of tutors in each career area
  • Q&A threads that provide streamlined communication between students and tutors
  • Personalized recommendations of relevant tutors, powered by machine learning
  • Favorite tutor lists that allow students to follow selected academics’ updates
  • Favorite career inspiration lists that enable students to stay up to date on new learning materials
  • Support of a variety of file formats
  • Intuitive registration and authentication process
  • Easy-to-use personal accounts that contain extensive user data
  • Streamlined content, company and user account management for administrators
Our team created an efficient EdTech platform that enhances the communication between students, tutors and businesses to streamline professional development and job search.
Front-end: Angular, TypeScript, HTML5, CSS3, Sass, SVG, Angular Material, Webpack
Back-end: Java, Spring Framework (Boot, Security, Data, MVC), JPA, Hibernate, AWS (EC2, S3, Cognito, Pinpoint, RDS), PostgreSQL, Gradle
iOS: Swift, UIKit, Alamofire, SDWebImage, KeychainAccess, Firebase, CocoaPods, Netfox
Android: Kotlin, MVVM, Lifecycle, AndroidX, Navigation, RxAndroid, Retrofit, Material, Firebase, Gradle

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