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Helping you embrace the customer-centric vision
and beat digital competitors
Your customers are in charge now — are you prepared?
They crave authentic experiences at the crossroads between the physical and digital worlds.

Mainsoft helps retailers adapt to this new customer-focused reality through technology. For this, we apply best practices in retail software development to deliver custom solutions that help you engage your audience and grow your revenue.

We Work with Clients from across the Retail Space

At Mainsoft, we bring our skills, creativity and experience to both purely physical retailers and hybrid ‘phygital’ players. In a time of burgeoning retail disruptions, every business model counts.
Department stores
Supermarket chains
Specialty stores
Charity stores
Independent retailers
Discount stores
Click-and-collect points

What Retail Technology Can Bring to Your Business

Being a retailer doesn’t mean you can get away without digital transformation. Mainsoft is here to make this transition as painless as possible so that you get to enjoy the advantages that would otherwise stay out of your reach:
  • Convenient shopping experience that translates into higher footfall
  • Data-driven optimization of internal operations
  • More engagement with added interactivity
  • Wider audience reach with location-based mobile marketing
  • Personalization that thrives on customer insights
  • Demand forecasting enabled by predictive intelligence systems
  • Crossover between your physical and online stores, if applicable
  • Publicity that generates word of mouth and brand awareness

Retail Software Solutions: In-Store and Beyond

As a retail development company, Mainsoft keeps an eye on the latest tech to make sure our clients don’t fall behind in this innovation race. Here are some of our top expert areas that keep expanding as the market demands it:
Retail PoS software
We deliver custom-built solutions and integrate market-leading PoS platforms, including mobile checkouts, for faster and more efficient service.
Internet of Things
We bring you new ways to interact with connected consumers, revamp your traditional product shelves, and generate rich data for better mapping of customer journeys, marketing reach, and overall experience.
Mobile apps
We build mobile solutions for both internal and customer-driven needs, so that you can hit the mark with contextual promotions and loyalty schemes, as well as store management and merchandising.
Customer analytics
We help you source insights from every connected system to enable fact-based visibility into customer behavior, paths-to-purchase and measurable satisfaction.
About your next retail innovation
Retail Management Software That Connects the Dots
Supply chain management
Wholesaler/supplier relations
Business intelligence
Data visualization
In-depth analytics across systems
Predictive analysis and forecasting
Big data management
We can integrate and bring together the systems necessary for healthy day-to-day operations of a retail company
CRM integration
Marketing automation
Loyalty program management
Customer support ticketing systems
Human resources
Intranet portals
Career scheme digitization
Corporate training systems
Performance analytics and reporting

Reach Your Vital Business Objectives as a Result

Behind every piece of technology, there are business objectives that drive tech adoption in the first place. We ensure your new digital solution is well-aligned with your business strategy so that you can achieve:
Clearly visible customer journeys
Relevant, more enticing promotions
Truly manageable customer experience
Efficient store management
Better inventory management
Demand-based stock optimization
Data-driven decision making
Consistent talent development

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