E-learning Development Services

Custom e-learning development that inspires personal and
corporate growth with unique learning experiences
From custom LMSs, through virtual classrooms, to educational portals, we deliver adaptable e-learning solutions to businesses, private and public schools, and multinational universities. We customize existing industry-leading e-learning platforms and develop e-learning software from scratch to unlock immersive learning and teaching experiences.

Full-Cycle E-learning Software Development for Every Sector

At Mainsoft, we fuse expert software development skills with industry awareness to help commercial and nonprofit clients keep up
with the evolving learning trends and tackle the challenges of delivering education to digital-first audiences.
EdTech startups and
Corporate training
Public and private educational institutions

E-learning Development Services Paving Creative Learning Paths

Our e-learning developers build innovative systems that ease the burden of conventional, classroom-based instruction, replacing it with deeply engaging learning experiences available anywhere, anytime, and to all users.
  • Enterprise LMSs Drive workplace performance with a turnkey learning management system that covers the entire spectrum of your training needs — from creating new courses to assessing results and analyzing skill gaps.
  • Digital authoring tools Speed up the creation of interactive training courses, lessons, and tests with robust authoring software. Enable staff with no technical background to quickly develop complex, personalized learning paths.
  • E-learning portals Take education out of the classroom. Create an online gateway for learners, instructors, and admins to interact, share their thoughts, engage in collaborative projects, and access educational materials wherever they are.
  • Mobile educational apps Empower learners on-the-go with bite-sized lessons available online and offline. Build native Android and iOS learning apps or save costly developers’ time with cross-platform technologies, while retaining the look and feel of a native app.
  • Knowledge bases and wikis Provide a central place for storing and sharing knowledge with internal and external users. Drive knowledge management collaboration to effectively communicate workplace policies and practices and promote brand values.
  • School administration software Lighten administrative workload and increase management efficiency with flexible, data-driven educational solutions that apply AI and automation to streamline admissions, gain valuable insights, monitor student demographics, and facilitate admin tasks.

Featured Project

Explore the portfolio of e-learning solutions we have realized so far:
Want to build your own e-learning software?

Discover the Benefits of Mainsoft’s E-learning Solutions

We design, build and customize web and mobile e-learning apps tailored to specific business and educational needs. Whether you seek to enhance operations, improve learner outcomes, or generate new revenue streams, our e-learning software developers will closely cooperate with your stakeholders to ensure alignment with your expectations at every stage of the project.
Increase corporate RO
Offer teams the resources to grow professionally and become more productive.
Reduce employee turnover
Encourage self-growth to foster team engagement and loyalty.
Onboard new teams faster
Get new hires up to speed fast without overloading them with information.
Boost learner motivation
Grab user attention with rich visuals, gamification, interactivity, and AR/VR components.
Gain critical learner insights
Leverage data analytics to enhance instruction methods and find out more about your learners.
Reduce training costs
Eliminate travel and facility expenses, instructor salaries, and other costs related to on-site training.

E-learning Software That Makes the Grade

We help educators spark learners' thirst for knowledge with scenario-based simulations, game-based simulations, game-based content, VR and AR solutions, and interactive hot spots. Our goal-driven digital learning solutions deliver all modern features essential to crafting high-quality, dynamic learning experiences for your end users
  • User-centric design Adapt to varying teaching and learning styles and needs
  • Support for blended learning Marry the best of the classroom and digital worlds
  • Accessibility features Accommodate learners with disabilities
  • Learning standards Comply with SCORM, xAPI, and LTI standards
  • AI-powered analytics Drive personalized, insights-based learning
  • Gamification Boost engagement and augment retention
  • GDPR-compliant data security Protect the privacy of all users
  • Seamless integrations Provide more features in a snap
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