Product Development Strategy

Great ideas need to be shaped. We’ll take care of
shaping yours.
From the first glimpse of an idea to a fully functioning MVP, Mainsoft’s team will take you through every essential stage of your product development strategy. To do this, we’ll formulate your business goals and marketing needs, and shape your product around them into a market success.

Why It Matters?

Without a thorough product development plan, you’ll find it hard to come up with:
Valid assumptions
Positioning that strikes a chord
Research-based product marketing strategy
Relevant UX/UI design
Just the right scope of MVP features
Vision of long-term commercial sustainability

We Take Your Product to Market

We work with your idea — whether it’s a consumer mobile app, an enterprise-grade system, or a SaaS offering — and take care of everything, from the big picture down to tiny details at every stage of your new product launch.
  • Business analysis
  • Product concept and features
  • Roadmap
  • Prototyping
  • MVP development
Product Launch
  • Marketing strategy
  • Branding and distribution recommendations
  • Marketability testing
  • Post-launch review
  • User feedback monitoring
  • Strategy verification and adaptation
  • New features
Mainsoft comes to your assistance to make sure your
product will reach its receptive buying crowd.

A Is for Analysis

To deliver on our promise of great product strategy, we carry out market research services coupled with detailed business analysis. At this stage, we’ll define your users’ wants and the product’s unique differentiating points, putting them into a larger market context.

This is necessary for building a research-based foundation and viable conceptual footing for your future product. As the next step, we’ll translate this vision into a solid product architecture containing sought-after features.

Prototype Development and Testing

The core of our expertise in product development strategy was built around prototyping and viability testing. We combine advanced technological proficiency with business acumen to come up with cost-efficient prototypes that will fit your goals without going over the top of what’s necessary at this particular stage.
As the simplest form of a prototype, wireframes will be your tool to visualize user journeys and verify your product logic before the actual development begins.
Proof of Concept
Clickable and with basic design elements in place, this can be your next step in rounding up the product idea.
We’ll help you take this key step on your path to market release by building an MVP with well-prioritized features in a way that’s both time-efficient and affordable.
Viability Testing
After the market launch of your MVP, we’ll stay to watch its sales dynamics and reviews. At this stage, we get to verify the assumptions and tweak the product in line with users’ feedback.

Why Work with Mainsoft Product Strategists?

Muscular team
Our core asset is a team of talented professionals with multi-industry expertise. We think in business and technical terms first, and then top it up with our design flair.
Professional toolkit
We have access to a refined set of professional tools for expert-level business analysis, research and prototyping. This way, you get to think only about your high-level vision while we craft it into a tangible product.
Transparent processes
Our team will work closely with your stakeholders via their preferred channels, providing detailed status updates throughout the project.
Optimal development costs
We optimize for budget and return on investment across the project lifetime, delivering optimal cost and time-quality-price balance to support your product’s success.

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