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We deliver your new software technology to end-users
and save you the hassle of deployment
Once your solution has been developed, the rest of the process may seem like an easy ride. But we know that without an exhaustive and carefully executed plan, your app deployment can easily slip into chaos. At Mainsoft, we bring together essential software testing and integration skills to launch your new product on time and without disruptions.
Software integration
  • We gather information, collect requirements, and define the expected outcomes.
  • We identify the best integration strategy and set a reasonable timeline for smooth integration.
  • We launch your integrated solution, validate the results, and optimize if needed.
Software testing
  • We create a snapshot of your system to get a clear picture of the existing solution.
  • We define exhaustive use cases that reflect how users interact with your software.
  • We test your application from start to end, using a variety of proven QA methodologies.
Software deployment
  • We create and maintain ready-to-install software packages.
  • We configure target devices before installation for quick and easy deployment.
  • We install the software using automation for greatest efficiency.

Painless Software Integration

Our software engineers overcome complex integration challenges to merge new and existing applications, platforms, hardware, and components into a cohesive system that gives you the speed and convenience that your business requires.
Data integration
Combine data residing in disparate systems, file formats, and databases to provide users with streamlined, consolidated access to all information they need, in real time.
  • Boost productivity
  • Improve data quality
  • Foster collaboration
API integration
Expand your business capabilities with custom-built, open-source and third-party APIs to enrich your solution with sought-after, value-added features.
  • Extend functionality
  • Cut down on development cost
  • Enhance UX
Enterprise systems integration
Facilitate seamless communication and information exchange between your ERP, CRM, CMS, finance & accounting software, and other mission-critical business systems.
  • Simplify IT processes
  • Automate workflows
  • Ensure data exchange
Implement flexible and reusable Service-Oriented Architecture patterns to align your software infrastructure with your business goals.
  • Promptly respond to changes
  • Retrieve enterprise data faster
  • Ensure web services interoperability
Get your software up and running in no time to expedite the return on your technology investment.

Dependable Software Testing

Before your software applications go live, gain the confidence that they conform with your user expectations, business objectives, and rigorous software quality standards.
Web app and website
We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your web solution to verify each functional and non-functional aspect for a streamlined, user-centric and secure experience on all browsers and platforms.
  • Web usability testing
  • Web functional testing
  • Web compatibility testing
  • Web compliance testing
  • Web performance testing
  • Web security testing
  • Web testing automation
Mobile testing
Our Android and iOS testing professionals offer a complete range of mobile testing services to ensure your apps offer consistent performance, reliability, and aesthetic appeal across all mobile devices.
  • Mobile functional testing
  • Mobile compatibility testing
  • Mobile UX and localization testing
  • Mobile compliance testing
  • Mobile performance testing
  • Mobile security testing
  • Mobile test automation
QA consulting
We offer a comprehensive mix of software testing consulting services to identify the root cause of your quality assurance problems and create a strategy to quickly resolve them.
  • QA process audit
  • QA enhancement recommendations
  • QA planning and strategy
  • QA optimization
  • On-demand testing
Test automation
We enhance manual testing approaches with automated testing for agile, time-conscious quality assurance that is tailored to the pace of your software development.
  • Unit testing
  • Smoke testing
  • Functional testing
  • Integration testing
  • Regression testing

Faultless Software Rollout

We apply standardized processes and deployment best practices to effortlessly roll out your new software to any platform within the shortest possible time frame.
  • Software deployment services Our all-encompassing software deployment services go well beyond the delivery of code and software licenses. We install, configure, test, and optimize the performance of your application.
    • Accelerated product delivery
    • Enhanced security
    • Local, regional, and global deployment
  • Deployment planning We can help you develop a detailed plan for cloud-based, on-premises, and hybrid deployments that specifies critical steps, essential roles and responsibilities, and key success factors for a secure, timely rollout.
    • Lowered risks
    • Clear objectives
    • Smooth transition to new software
  • Continuous deployment We have established an efficient continuous deployment pipeline to allow you to rapidly respond to market and user demands and validate new software ideas without interrupting your service.
    • Scale your application
    • Fix errors and optimize faster
    • LImprove code quality
  • Post-deployment services Maximize the value of your software investment after your product goes live. Our certified software engineers stay on top of your solution to ensure it performs as designed long after the deployment.
    • Troubleshoot issues
    • Add new features
    • Maintain faultless performance

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Mainsoft Software Deployment Services: Confidence That Brings Immediate Value

As your product development gets to the home stretch, Mainsoft’s software engineers will test your code, conduct integrations, and deploy the complete solution while ensuring it’s safe, resilient, and compliant.
Accelerate technology adoption and start driving immediate value to your bottom line.
Execute the deployment plan correctly the first time, without disrupting your business processes.
Gain confidence with the efficient rollout and focus on other priorities as our team handles the deployment.
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