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At Mainsoft, we align your business goals with our software development strategies to build solutions that are the primary drivers of your business innovation and agility. Every product tells its own story, so we cut our projects to your measure for unique outcomes. Together, we will build any solution you require to achieve your objectives, from a minimum viable product to a full-scale enterprise system.
Business applications
  • B2B and B2C digital solution
  • Corporate sites and platforms
  • Intranet portals and knowledge bases
Mobile applications
  • iOS apps development
  • Android apps development
  • Cross-platform solutions delivery
Product development
  • UX/UI design
  • Product development
  • QA and deployment

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Product Methodologies that Serve your Purpose

Software development methodologies help you design, develop, and maintain products in alignment with your users, goals, and the way your team works. This alignment is critical, as it impacts the length, costs, and outcomes of your product implementation.

That’s why we direct all energy and efforts to understanding your vision and context before we choose the guiding principles and processes that will ensure optimal results. Most often, we choose between the Agile and Waterfall methodologies, offering the flexibility to combine both approaches, if suitable.
Agile development
Agile provides continuous, concurrent iteration of development and testing to maintain a customer focus and ensure visibility into quality at each stage of the project.

The flexibility of this approach allows self-organizing, cross-functional teams to reduce re-work and implement changes fast, according to user feedback and validation.

Agile development lends itself to projects that:
  • Aim at delivering business innovation through trial and experimentation
  • Include few initial product and regulatory requirements and require new changes to be made quickly, without documentation
  • Involve independent, self-organized distributed team members who can work unsupervised and take ownership of their work
  • Require high product-owner involvement and collaboration with the development team.
Agile makes up around 60% of our software development projects.
Waterfall methodology
The linear, structured Waterfall approach presents clearly defined scopes and well-documented processes for stable and timely product delivery.

The development cycle is rigid and it proceeds from idea, through design, implementation, testing, and deployment.

We usually recommend the Waterfall approach in the following scenarios:
  • Small projects where the requirements are clearly established and can be executed fast
  • Projects constrained by cost/time, with a fixed budget and predictable deadlines
  • Implementations with multiple software components that must be designed for integration with external systems
  • When the customer expects an upfront understanding of the project outcomes
We follow the Waterfall methodology in about 40% of our projects.
Get in touch with us to share your requirements, and we will advise you on the product methodology suitable for your project.

Engagement Models Tailored to your Needs

Depending on your project requirements and specifications, timeframes, and available resources, we offer three engagement models to maximize the benefits of our collaboration:
Dedicated development
We can augment your in-house development resources with skilled technical experts on either a short- or long-term basis. Our developers, QA engineers and project managers will become a core part of your team, devoted exclusively to your project. We can also provide the necessary equipment and infrastructure based on your requirements.
  • Billing based on hourly rates
  • Full control over the project progress and budget
  • No need for costly and lengthy recruitment
Time & material-based collaboration
Our software specialists can add value to your complex projects that are prone to change by offering their services in the time & material model. With this approach, billing is based on the actual time spent on development and the cost of materials and equipment used. It’s a flexible arrangement where you’re not committed to a long-term business partnership
  • Payment based on the completed work
  • Agility to modify the workload and adjust resources any time
  • The transparency that reduces the risks of unmet expectations
Fixed-price project
In this pricing model, we provide you with a fixed estimate of our work, based on the project details provided by your team. Together, we define the expected deliverables, milestones, and timelines, and agree on the final cost. Once everything is set in advance, you delegate work to our team and wait for the outcomes.
  • A fixed budget and predefined milestones
  • A low-risk model that saves you from unforeseen expenses
  • An economical option for short projects with exact requirements

Practices that Power your Achievements

We follow the best software development practices in everything that we do to deliver business value through technology solutions. By implementing the following principles, we help you attain your goals with minimum investments, regardless of the product methodology, engagement model, or project scope.
  • Partnership approach Your success is our priority. To achieve greatness, we build partnerships focused on delivering mutual business value.
  • Continuous improvement Steady enhancement is part and parcel of the rapidly evolving software development process. We never stop learning and validating new ideas to constantly add value to your business solutions.
  • Team alignment Our teams balance autonomy with alignment to take advantage of individual strengths and at the same time stay on the same path to achieving your goals.
  • Outcome-driven development Our roadmaps set milestones underpinned by your goals, not mere product features. This way, we tailor our tools to build effective systems that fit within your budget and meet your requirements.
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