Development of native photo editing apps for iOS and Android

Mainsoft provided a full range of consulting and development services needed to take a photo editing app from idea to launch.
A global company that builds and launches mobile apps.
The client came up with an idea of developing a photo editing app to help social media users and bloggers quickly and easily create original, stunning photos.
Mainsoft delivered native iOS and Android apps that enable users to upload and edit photos in creative ways in just a few taps. Users can benefit from the effortless photo editing process while getting access to thousands of fresh ideas, which are super easy to recreate thanks to the silhouette tool and a battery of readymade effects.
Main Functional Modules
  • Choosing a photo or pose idea from a collection of 8,000 pictures built into the app
  • Browsing picture ideas from the world’s most popular bloggers
  • Using the contouring feature to recreate the idea
  • Boosting the photo with effects, stickers, frames and overlays
  • Being able to create your own collection of effects
  • Smart pose suggestion feature with detailed pros and cons explanation
Mainsoft’s mobile team helped the client deliver a photo editing app that is now taking the app stores by storm. The app works flawlessly on iOS and Android devices, serving over 50,000 active users overall. The project is ongoing, with the product being localized to ten new geographic locations and more cool features to come. The app is localized in English, German, Czech, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Hindi. The list is not final and many more localized versions to come.
iOS: Swift, MVC, UIKit, AutoLayout, Storyboard, Foundation, GCD, AVFoundation, CoreImage, In-App Purchase, Keychain, Alamofire, SDWebImage, Google SDK, Facebook SDK, Firebase, CocoaPods, TestFlight
Android: Kotlin, MVI/MVVM, Kotlin KTX, Coroutines, AndroidX, Lifecycle Architecture Components, Retrofit2, Moshi, Okhttp3, Kodein, Glide, Sharp, Firebase (Analytics, Crashlytics, Authentication), Facebook SDK, Google Play Billing Library, Material design, Ktlint

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