Through more than 10 years of existence, the Mainsoft company has implemented many successful mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms. Each application built by us - is a precisely thought out implementation of Customer’s idea.

Mobile applications in Business

Mobile devices today are a common part of every person’s daily life. Modern mobile devices are not simply phones any longer, but multifunctional gadgets, capable of performing a variety of diverse tasks. With help of a mobile device, we can pay our bills, buy necessary items, track our location, find the nearest gas station, hotel or store.

Number of mobile device users is constantly growing and has already outgrown the number of personal computer users. The gadgets are constantly evolving as their performance and functionality capabilities increase. All these factors made the mobile applications equally as business standard as web sites.

Mobile application is a flexible communication and marketing tool, which helps to directly connect business with customers. Mobile device, such as smartphone, is always with the user and allows them to have constant access to the services business has to offer and the business has an opportunity to deliver most up-to-date information to the customer. Correct selection of the target audience and an accent on primary business processes allows the mobile application to satisfy the customers’ requirements and increase profits.

Mobile applications development makes a dependable investment in development of your business and provide the competitive advantage, which increases your company’s effectiveness


High download speed

Offline capability

High customization level

Comfortable UI for any device

Integration with third party services, sites, games, etc.

Full customer interaction via push notifications

Device functions and data usage: geolocation, camera, address book, etc.

Marketing and business development application


Operating system from Apple company, which was first introduced in 2007 along with the first iPhone device. It has since evolved into a powerful platform with enormous capabilities. First named iPhone OS, and despite the number of shortcomings and functional limitations the system had many advantages which allowed it to become a leader in mobile OS market. These advantages include high performance speed, powerful graphical elements and high load stability.


  • Friendly UI
  • App quality
  • Apple ecosystem
  • Security
  • Stability
  • Family access
  • Continuity


Android is an operating system for various devices - telephones, tablets, netbooks, watches, TVs, etc. Big part in Android OS development was played by Google, which made a right choice by investing into OS development. First OS version was introduced in 2008 on the HTC Dream device (officially marketed by T-Mobile mobile operator under the name T-Mobile G1).


  • Personalization
  • Variety of devices
  • Open-end platform
  • Custom OS versions
  • Google services
  • Price


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